November, 26
Nizhny Novgorod
Mobile Cinema International Youth Festival

More positive content for the whole Internet!

Mobile Cinema International Youth Festival unites young and creative people, who is making kind and positive videos on their smartphones all over the world. Our festival is a starting point for the thousands talented videographers from Russia and abroad.

Rules for participation in the competition


Students of 8-11 grades, as well as students of the system of secondary and higher education from Russia and abroad under 35 years old.
Short film requirements
Duration 1-10 minutes. No more than 3 videos from a participant. The quality of shooting should be in HD (1280x720), Full HD (1920x1080), Ultra HD (4096x2160).
Accepting applications
Acceptance of applications The deadline for applications is November 6, 2020 through the form on this site, where you should post a link to the video on YouTube.

List of topics for the Competition of the festival «DOBRO&LUBOV»

My story about Great Patriotic War – devoted to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory
Friendship of nations
Love Story
Kind family videos

The procedures for conducting the Festival «DOBRO&LUBOV»

Till the 6th of November. Submission period
Accepting your applications for the participation in the festival through the online form. The link to the form is HERE.
7-15th of November. Selection round.
Preview of all the works submitted for the competition. The process of selection of videos which is meeting the rules and requirements of the competition.
16-22th of November. Online voting.
Voting among VKontakte users for the best video. Determination of the winner in the nomination «Audience Award» in the official group of festival. Vote here:
16-22th of November. Jury vote
The jury of festival chooses the winner in every of the nominations announced.
There are three winners who got the largest amount of points in the every nomination. The participant with the highest number of points takes the first place, then goes the second place and the third one.

26th of November. The final and award
Official awards ceremony. The celebration of youth positive video-content and awards ceremony will be held in the cinema «Orlyonok», Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod, 39A Bolshaya Pokrovskaya st.
KINDNESS AND LOVE unite the world's youth community!

17 countries have already became interested in participating in Mobile Cinema International festival «DOBRO&LUBOV».
They are: Serbia, Czech Republic, Gagauzia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Transnistria, Angola and the others. Our goal is to start a friendly conversation and unite all the Russian and foreign participants in order to create and share positive content in the Internet.
The judging committee(Jury) of the "DOBRO&LUBOV" festival
Will King
Interviewer, actor, correspondent for Channel One in Europe, video blogger
Alexander Suchkov
Chief director of the Center for Theater Excellence. Honored Artist of the Russian
Federation. Organizer of the All-Russian Festival-Competition of Theaters "Tearalnaya Strelka"
Dmitry Lane
Correspondent for Serbian TV. Documentary filmmaker, video author in collaboration with Emir Kusturica. Founder of the telegram channel "Novosti Serbia"
Janna Nikonova
Rector of LUNN University, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of German theory and Practice
Zahar Prilepin
Writer, columnist, actor, broadcaster. Laureate of the Russian Federation Government's award in the area of culture
Oksana Mikheeva
Actress, screenwriter and short film director. General Director of the LUXAR production
center. producer of the "Gorky Fest" competition of contemporary Russian cinema
Tatiana Gartman
Head of the school of television journalism. Handler of TV project «Odin doma».
Winner of two television awards «TEFI-REGION»
Vladimir Nemirovsky
Professor of the Department of journalism of The Taras Shevchenko Transnistria State
University. Honored culture worker of Transnistrian Moldavian Republic (TMR) , laureate of the State Prize
The winners will be determined in the nominations:
My story about Great Patriotic War – devoted to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory
The best family video
The funniest video
The kindest video
Friendship of nations
Best animated video
Art House

Awards to the winners of the festival «DOBRO&LUBOV»

There will be three winners in the every nomination announced
1st place
Prizes and gifts from organizers and partners of the festival.
2nd place
Prizes and gifts from organizers and partners of the festival.
3rd place
Prizes and gifts from organizers and partners of the festival.
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Regulations of the International youth mobile film festival DOBRO&LUBOV
The youth festival «DOBRO&LUBOV» is an annual international mobile film festival held in Nizhny Novgorod (the Russian Federation).

1. General regulations.

1.1 Organizer of the Festival – Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod.

1.2 The purpose of the Festival is to create conditions for a friendly dialogue and unite all Russian and foreign participants in activities aimed at spreading moral values among young people through Internet communication.

1.3 Goals of the Festival.

1.3.1 Creating a professional Internet communication platform for the development of international cooperation, information exchange of experience of talented young people from different countries of the world to preserve the universal values of kindness and love.

1.3.2 Improving the quality of mobile cinema in the digital space.

1.3.3 Identifying young talents and stimulating their further growth.

1.3.4 Creating conditions for introducing young people from different countries to artistic, educational, and socially important activities.

1.3.5 Identification, consideration of interests, needs and development of creative activity of various groups of Russian and foreign youth, demonstration of their creative abilities.

1.3.6 Creating a platform for teaching young authors skills that can improve the effectiveness of their professional activities.

1.3.7 Involvement of government, business, and media representatives in the development of creative activity of young people, development and support of youth initiatives.

1.4 The Festival is supported by

· The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh)

· Representative office of Russian cooperation in the Republic of Moldova. Russian centre of science and culture

· Shevchenko Transnistria State University

· The Ministry of Culture for Nizhny Novgorod Oblast

· Department of Social Policy of the Nizhny Novgorod City Administration

1.5 Categories

1. My story about the Great Patriotic War


3. The kindest video

4. The best family video

5. The funniest video

6. Friendship of nations

7. Best animated video

8. Art House

2. Participants

Students of 8-11 grades, as well as students of the system of secondary and higher education from Russia and Abroad under 35 years old.

3. Time frames of the Festival

There are 4 stages:

1st stage (distant) – accepting submissions (1.06.2020 - 6.11.2020)

Topics, requirements to the works and conditions for your applications are given in para. 4 of the Regulations.

2nd stage (distant) – qualification round (7.11.2020 – 15.11.2020)

Organizing Committee of the Festival previews all the works alleged and chooses no less than 100 works. Criterion to the works are listed below:

1. Content: concept, coherence (10 points max.)

2. Aesthetic aspect: the beauty of visual and audio part (10 points max.)

3. Creativity (10 points max.)

4. Technical realization: the quality of the video and editing (10 points max.)

5. Originality (10 points max.)

6. The storyline, the plot (10 points max.)

7. Artistic merits and expressive means: colors, light, effects, soundtrack, intonations (10 points max)

Organizing Committee forms a list of works for participation in the main competition and posts it in the official group of the Festival in VK ( There will be the same post on the official website for the Internet-voting for electing the winner of the «Audience award» nomination. Internet-voting ends up on the 16th of November. The winner of the nomination will be the work with the largest amount of points.

3rd stage – determination of the winner of the competition (16.11.2020 – 22.11.2020)

The winners of the competition will be selected by the jury of the Festival. The members of jury are mentioned in para. 5 of the Regulations.

The jury of the Festival selects the winners of the main competition according to the nominations given (para 1.5 of the Regulations, except for the «Audience award»). Jury selects the works from the ones selected before by organizers on the 2nd stage.

Every member of jury evaluates the works and gives them the final number of points from 0 to 10, forming the rating of works in each nomination. The points will be summarized and the final list of winners will be formed according to the jury's voting. There are three winners who got the largest amount of points in the every nomination. The participant with the highest number of points takes the first place, then goes the second place and the third one.

Winners will get special invitations to the official awards ceremony from the Organizing Committee.

4th stage (internal) – official awards ceremony. (26th of November, 2020)

Awards ceremony will be held in the cinema «Orlyonok», Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod, 39A Bolshaya Pokrovskaya st.

The winners and medalists will be awarded with memorable gifts and prizes (para. 6 of the Regulations)

4. Conditions and order of the Festival.

4.1 Rules for applying for participation in the competition:

4.1.1 To participate in the competitive selection, only certain applications are considered, which should have been sent through the registration form on the official website of the Festival (address)

4.1.2 The form must be completed in Russian or English.

4.1.3. The participant's work (video) must be in the form of a link to a video posted on YouTube. This link should be indicated in the questionnaire

4.1.4 Acceptance of applications.

The deadline for applications is November 6, 2020. Applications received after the specified term will not be accepted.

4.1.5. The correctness and reliability of the information contained in the application form is the responsibility of the participant. The organizing committee of the event is not responsible for errors in the lists of promotional materials and catalogs of the Festival, resulting from erroneous information in the application form.

4.1.6. Each participant who has filled out an application for participation has the right to refuse the competition. Refusals are accepted in writing to in free form indicating the participant's full name, job title and contact information. The deadline for filing cancellations is November 6, 2020. Upon receipt of a refusal to participate, the organizing committee of the Festival cancels the previously submitted application of this participant, the work is removed from the competitive selection.

4.2. Proposed work topics.

Each work submitted for participation in the selection corresponds to one of the proposed topics:

My story about the WWII - to the 75th anniversary of the WWII;



Family video;

Friendship of nations;


4.3. Requirements for competitive entries (video).

4.3.1. One participant submits no more than 2 works for the competition.

4.3.2. The video must be created using a mobile phone.

4.3.3. Video editing can be carried out using a telephone or other devices. The participant also has the right to provide video that has not been edited or processed. When creating an audio track, another setting of the mobile phone device.

4.3.4. Videos should be the result of personal creativity.

4.3.5. The video must be filmed by the participant himself. Responsibility for the observance of the copyright of the work participating in the competition is borne by the participant (group of participants) who sent the work to the competition.

4.3.6. The works should not contain:

information, in any form of degrading ability of a person or a separate group of a group, carrying any form of protest, criticism or negative perception of human society;

images of pornography, Nazi symbols, violence, discrimination, vandalism, blood, reflecting the bodily suffering of people and animals;

statements bearing anti-state and anti-constitutional meaning;


names and mentions of logos, brands of product advertising.

4.4. Technical requirements for competitive entries (video).

Recommended video Quality:

Full HD or 1080p (1920x1080);

HD or 720p (1280x720);

Ultra HD (4096x2160).

Works performed in other qualities participate in the selection on an equal basis with works performed in the recommended permits.

The duration of the video is up to 10 minutes.

The works submitted for the competitive selection must be removed no earlier than 2019.

5. Judging committee of the Festival.

The jury is formed and approved by the organizing committee of the Film Festival. Jury members are not allowed to divulge the names of the winners prior to the awards ceremony.

The Kinofest jury is formed from:

representatives of the organizers and partners of the Festival;

sponsor representatives;

representatives of public creative associations;

professional videographers, artists, blogosphere and media;

representatives of the administration of the city of Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The jury's decision is documented in a protocol and signed by the chairman of the jury.

6. Awarding of winners and prize-winners of the competitive selection.

6.1 The first-place winners in each category receive certificates to photo and video equipment stores for 5,000 rubles.

6.2 The second-place winners in each category receive certificates to photo and video equipment stores for 3,000 rubles.

6.3 The third-place winners in each category receive certificates to photo and video equipment stores for 2,000 rubles.

7. Copyright.

7.1 All works submitted by the authors and owners to the Festival in the framework of competitive selection will be used free of charge in non-commercial social programs, charity events and other voluntary projects with the author's name and a link to his participation in the Festival.

7.2 All works submitted for participation in the film festival are protected by copyright within the current legislation.

7.3 In case of claims or complaints about copyright infringement by a third party or organization, a video is removed from further participation in the contest and all responsibility for claims is borne by the person who provided the material.